Parents, 9 Smart Tips for Homework Success


Even children who enjoy doing homework can lose their enthusiasm for it over the course of the school year, and find ways to stall or avoid doing it. But after-school study time is important, both for reinforcing the day’s learning and for lending structure to your child’s day.

7 Science-Proven Steps To Motivate Your Child


Here’s the brutal truth about how to motivate kids to study – not all motivations are created equal. Most parenting methods such as rules, consequences, and rewards don’t work because they create the wrong kind of motivation. Find out what motivates your child and how to effectively motivate them using 7 backed-by-research steps.

Parents, Try These 6 Tips from Special Ed Teachers

Kids Using Computers in IT Class

Special education teachers have specific training to work effectively with students with disabilities. But they also use simple classroom strategies that drive engagement and increase achievement. Learn how you can practice these at home with your own child.

9 Small Ways to Keep Kids Excited About School All Year Long

Children Studying IT in Class

Going back to school after the summer is always exciting as kids prepare for their new classroom and meeting new friends. However, keeping that excitement and energy alive a couple months into the school year can be difficult. It’s important to keep up that motivation throughout the year, so we came up with some simple ways parents can help keep the enthusiasm up all year long.

5 Expert-Approved Summer Reading Tips for Kids

African American father reading a fairy tale fable story for kids at home. Happy family lying on the floor indoors

Just because school’s out, it doesn’t mean books should be returned to their shelves. Reading routines are an essential part of your child’s development, and summer is the perfect time to make reading a regular part of the day.