How to Help Every Child Find Success in Math

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Source:   Many students believe that math is an inherited ability ­– either they have the math gene, or they don’t. But recent research shows that inborn talent might not be as important as we think. In the long run, the most successful students are often those who work the hardest, not those with the highest IQ’s. These […]

Playing Math Games With Your Kids Can Make Them Stronger…Readers?!


Engaging in math-related activities at home could improve a lot more than your child’s math performance, according to new research. The findings, published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, suggest that preschoolers who engaged in number-related activities at home have higher literacy scores than their peers. Paradoxically, this means that kids who practice math tend to become better at reading.

10 Reasons to Enroll Your Child In A School With Small Class Sizes


Source:   Imagine how much more your child would benefit from an education in a small class. Consider how much better (s)he would learn if (s)he wasn’t just another number in a gigantic public classroom full of other students. Here are 10 benefits for students who learn in the smaller class sizes that public charter school […]

Why Is Math So Important for Kids to Learn?


Source: Many kids ask their math teacher why learning a particular mathematical concept or skill is important. When helping kids out with their homework, many parents may wonder the same thing. Mark H. Karwan, the Dean of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Buffalo, points out that parental attitudes — positive or […]

Why Is English Language Arts So Important?


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term English Language Arts (ELA)?

Chances are, you remember a book you enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy!) reading, or the first oral presentation you gave.

What is School Choice?


School choice is a nationwide movement that empowers parents by enabling them to make the best possible choice for their children’s education.

6 Tips to Make Reading Fun, Not Frustrating


Source:   For some kids, reading is like doing the hokey pokey upside down, underwater, in a clown suit. It’s freakishly hard. And not at all fun. So it’s our job – as the ingenious parents we are – to sell it. And we can. We can help make reading fun. Fun Rule #1: Read the right […]

10 tech hacks to help a struggling reader


Source:   Kids who struggle with reading get an early lesson in one of life’s more sucky realities; the earlier a person falls behind, the harder it is to even want to catch up. Their classmates move on to more interesting books, write stories that get noticed and get rewarded for finishing their work fast. […]