Math tips for every grade

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Too many kids get math-phobic as they get older. Here’s how to keep your child passionate about math from kindergarten through high school.

Cool Math Games for Students PreK through 12th Grade

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Below you’ll find our list of cool math games for students PreK through 12th grade which will give young learners an opportunity to explore fundamental number concepts, such as one-to-one correspondence, counting sequence, and computation strategies.

Helping Your Child With Today’s Math

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A parents’ guide to surviving math class all over again: valuable tools to help you help your child with today’s mathematics. Math looks different these days. When you visit your child’s math class, it may look different from what you remember. For example, 2 apples + 2 apples still equals 4 apples, and learning your […]

3 Fast and Easy Math Tricks You Wish You Knew Before


Some people consider Mathematics as the hardest subject they can ever encounter all throughout their life as a student. There are even others who fail miserably with math and there are also who choose courses which does not require a lot of solving using numbers.