CES Testimonials

My son has benefited from Broach School in Tampa. The staff and wonderful teachers are dedicated to each student. I am very pleased with the School. Thank you to the program you offer.

Karen Santiago

Wonderful staff that really cares about the students. These children have a great future that will have began from this school!

Jasmine OA Grant

If it wasn't for the caring staff at the School my son would not have graduated High School. He is now finishing up his 1st yr of college and has been chosen to go and study in Italy. THANK YOU CES!

LynnLuis Rosa

As a parent whose son is a 2016 graduate and now a full-time college student, I am continually grateful for the amazing work and preparation each of the teachers and staff invested to prepare him for the future.

Luis D Rosa Jr

It is awesome! They have and still are doing wonders for my son. They have the absolute best teachers who love our kids and only want the best for them!

Dottie Kent

CES is an amazing company who has multiple schools who excel in providing individualized education to their students. Their Traditional program helps students prepare for post High School education and their Foundations and Excel programs provide students with social and life skills to be successful in the work force. The passion that President Rich Wead exudes for education is inspiring as an educator. I am extremely thankful to be a member of CES and even more thankful that my children have the opportunity to receive a first rate education.

Gary Hays
I find that CES gives all students a place to fit in and grow. As a mom with a child with learning disabilities I know how hard it is for them to find a group of people who will understand, care, and nourish them just as they are. CES gives all students a safe place to be themselves! The teachers and staff are truly there because they care!
Chiara Harrington

My child has anxiety and is shy. They did not do well in the public school system. When I found the Broach School - St. Pete. Campus and was able to enroll them. My child with time began to improve his attendance and make friends, They now have more and more good days. I am very thank full for the staff at the school and for their patience. I am very proud to say that my child goes to the Broach School - St. Pete. Campus.

Melinda Craft

I have been with the Broach School for four years. In that four years I have seen our school grow and develop into something wonderful. Many of the teachers go above and beyond investing their time and energy into giving the students the best experience possible. The teachers try to make education come to life! The parents and students are awesome and some of the most amazing people I have ever met. We are the Broach Family and I am glad to be a part of it!

Chiara Chaffins

I can sum up my years here by quoting a student. "I felt at home and included from the moment I walked into your class. The kids made me feel included, because at the last school I was at, the teacher said to me when I walked in the door as a new kid, who are you, you don't belong here." That is what we strive for, having a school where the children not only feel they belong, but know it. Our kids are not numbers, they are family, and the staff cares for the students as people, not just a number or special needs child. Quite a unique school.

Jeremy W.

As the parent of a 2016 Graduate, the C.E.S. Broach School in Bradenton has not only provided my son the tools needed to be get a High School diploma but have given him the confidence to succeed in a four-year college. That confidence gave him the desire to apply for college and successful complete his first semester. THANK YOU to C.E.S. and its' caring staff.

Luis Rosa

My son started at Broach this past August after wasting many years in the Public School system. He has made tremendous strides not only academically but also personally. I have been so impressed with his experience, and I enjoy the atmosphere so much, I asked for a position at the Bradenton Branch. I currently run the front office, support my other staff members and have enjoyed working with the children and young adults since October 2016. Any child would be welcome and lucky to attend one of our schools.

Wendy Spenceley

A school system that truly cares. That sums up CES and the school system including Crossroads Christian and Broach School campuses around the state. Administrators who lead with a vision, of creating schools that communicate to the heart, mind and spirit of every student in attendance. Teachers who educate with a goal in mind, of preparing each student for a purposeful future. If you are searching for something special for your child, I suggest pursuing "destination education" at a CES school near you!

David Kaser

We are super early in our first school year with Broach but we couldn't be happier so far! My son Ben is doing so well so far. I love how interactive the staff is with the parents as well as the kids. Ben is poised to be back on the honor roll this year. 5th grade really kind of beat him up but he is rebounding wonderfully so far this year. Small class sizes, one on one attention, and available, constant communication with the staff...5 radiant starts from me!! Thank you to everyone at Broach! Awesome job!!!

Amanda Grafius

We absolutely love the Broach school very kind, and it’s amazing the classroom environment, and the teachers are very awesome, and they deal with bully’s in the best way possible I really appreciate going to the school and especially the principal Mrs. Anderson is absolutely outstanding I would rate the school on a scale one to 10 a million I highly recommend this school!

Shawn Roberts