Choosing the Right School: 10 Key Factors for Parents of Special Needs Kids

If you’re like me, you might find yourself surprisingly, woefully underprepared for your first special needs school search, especially if you are considering mainstreaming and attend tours that mainly consist of parents of typical children. The tour guide, whether it be a parent coordinator or the vice principal, is not going to offer up a special needs version of the tour most of the time, but will instead cater to the general audience and tell you how competitive their school is academically and how amazing their extracurricular activities are. There’s nothing wrong with that—it’s good to know those things, but depending on your child’s disability, academic competition and after school clubs might not be at the top of your list. So what should be on your list then? Well, obviously priorities are different for each parent depending on their child’s disability, unique needs, strengths and personality, but here is my Top 10.

SOURCE: Childmind

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