Credits and Graduation Requirements


24 Credits in Grades 9 – 12

4 English, 4 Math* , 3 Science, 1 World History, 1 American History, .5 American Government, .5 Economics, 1 PE, .5 Life Management, 8.5 Electives**

*Must include 1 credit in Algebra I for students entering 9th grade

**Must include 1 credit in Practical and/or Performing Arts for students entering 9th grade

(A minimum of 3 credits must be completed at our school the semester prior to graduation.  This may include extra classes in the basic subjects and no more than 3 work credits.)


More on High School Credits

  • A student in grades 9-12 will earn credit toward graduation for all courses passed with at least a “D”.
  • Courses are either 1 credit (full year) or .5 credit (semester). Some campuses offer two semester courses, which run concurrently for the year. These courses would be .5 credit each.
  • Partial credits (.25, .5, or .75) are granted to transfer students for courses, which have been passed for part of the year, but could not be continued.
  • A student may not receive duplicate credit in a specific course previously taken. Only credit from the course with the higher grade will count.


Earning Extra Credit

  1. Summer School Classes:
    • 1 Credit per year
  2. Work Credits:
    • A maximum of 3 Credits throughout High School (Must be after school hours if on McKay)
  3. Florida Virtual School:
    • Online Courses
  4. High School Completion / Dual Enrollment:
    • Check with your local High Schools or Community Colleges to see if this is an option for your students. Age restrictions may apply.


Promotion Requirements

Middle/Elementary Promotion

  • All basic academic subjects must be passed.

High School Promotion*

  • 5 credits to go to 10th
  • 11 credits to go to 11th
  • 17 credits to go to 12th
  • 24 credits to Graduate

*English must be passed each year for promotion.

There is no minimum GPA requirement for promotion.