What Makes Crossroads Christian Schools Unique?



What makes Crossroads Christian Schools Unique in its Concept of Christian education?

Crossroads Christian Schools was founded out of the need to provide an alternative to public and private Christian schools. Traditional Christian schools are incorporated within a denomination or church government and are associated with the doctrines within said government.


Additionally, Christian schools are traditionally modeled after public schools just on a smaller campus scale and with a Christian curriculum. The focus on traditional private schools is with advanced Christian curriculum, AP classes, large class sizes and an emphasis on college entrance.


What makes Crossroads Christian Schools a “unique concept” in Christian education is twofold; 1. Our relationship with the host church as a Christian school and 2.  Our Academic Program.


The relationships we have with area churches is that we’re in a Landlord/Tenant relationship and the finances of the school are not incorporated into the church budget. This gives us the freedom to relate to our students as inter-denominational and not affiliated with the doctrines of the host church or denomination.


CCS does have a statement of Faith and Beliefs that are commonly accepted and agreed upon by all major denominations. This relationship with the church is a win/win in that it’s the best utilization of the church’s facilities that usually sit empty M-F and provides them with financial resources they considered as a Missions Outreach that is usually self-funded to reach their local community.


Academically, CCS “unique concept” is in our approach to education with our primary emphasis on specializing in the non-traditional learning needs of our students and the academic approach our faculty takes to ensure that our students enjoy learning and achieve goals and progress not achieved prior to attending our school! they technics, personalized attention,


  • The Crossroads/Church partnership works extremely well with churches where there is not active, on-going ministries, an older congregation, or one in financial need. The school uses their facilities Monday through Friday. It is the best utilization of a church’s facilities and children bring life into the church and families are exposed to the host church’s ministries.
  • We are in a Landlord/Tenant relationship where the church does not have to be burdened with the responsibility of the administration of the school, but gets the benefits of the lease payments. The lease money can then be used for Missions, Community outreach (which includes the school), a Pastoral position, or anything the church deems necessary.
  • Crossroads School admits children that other traditional Christian Schools do not serve. We are a special education school, and more closely aligned with the Public Schools of the 50’s and early 60’s. Students can bring their Bible to school. The Lord’s Prayer and the 10 Commandments are an integral part of the school and students/teachers can pray with each other.


  • It is the “best utilization of church facilities”
  • It benefits the church with income and reaches a part of the community the church would otherwise not reach.
  • It provides a quality “Character Based” environment for Special Education needs children that traditional Christian schools will not serve.


Larry Broach