Foundations Program


Students K-12 who are functioning many years below grade level in core subjects.

Students may be on our diploma or certificate track for graduation, seeking to enter college or pursue a career after high school.

Principal Spotlight

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My story is one of pursuing 20 years of educational service around Florida and the United States.

I have been blessed to work and teach at every grade level, and practically work at every position possible within a private school structure.

How I Approach Instructional Differentiation


Classroom management: we all know the very phrase conjures up a myriad of ideas, thoughts and how to improve upon it. One of the most elusive facets of managing a classroom is how to achieve diversification of student learning. Most of us will find that no one learns in the precisely the same way. The […]

What Makes My School Unique?

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When I think of The Broach School in St Petersburg the first thing that comes to my mind is a huge and diverse family, one where anything and everything can and more than likely will be said and done. A family will not only seek the absolute best from each other, but they do so […]