3 Fast and Easy Math Tricks You Wish You Knew Before

Some people consider Mathematics as the hardest subject they can ever encounter all throughout their life as a student.
There are even others who fail miserably with math and there are also who choose courses which does not require a lot of solving using numbers.

Although there has been inventions made to ease the life of students such as the calculator, Math still remains a hard subject then and even now.

Well, to students who are struggling with their Math classes…

…here goes a few life hacks that will enable you to solve Mathematics problems just as easy as 1-2-3.


1. Multiplication by 11

When a double digit number is multiplied by 11, the first and last digit of the answer is still the same as the given.

As for the middle digit, all you have to do is add the given digits of the factor together.

And, that’s it.


2. The “Butterfly” Method

When subtracting fractions, the easiest to find the answer is by drawing a butterfly between the given.

Then, cross multiply the give fractions and put your answers on the butterfly’s antenna. By multiplying the the denominators with each other, you now get the denominator for the final answer. As for the numerator, just subtract the answers you previously wrote on the butterfly’s antenna.


3. Multiplication by 12

In a table of the multiples of 12…

…you can easily consider counting from multiples of 1 and consider those as the first digit of the answer.

Then, the second digit and succeeding digits to complete the answer are the multiples of 2.

Well, quite easy right?

You wish you could have known these hacks at a sooner time. Nevertheless, it still isn’t too late to start now!

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Source: https://www.trendszilla.net/2018/07/19/fast-and-easy-math-tricks-you-wish-you-knew-before/