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Fully accredited as an educational organization with Cognia. We completed a greater level of accountability – we moved from meeting standards and best practices for full accreditation at a school level, to completing the necessary audit for CES to have full accreditation by Cognia as an educational system.

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What are your teachers’ qualifications and what professional development opportunities are available to them?

CES Academy teachers must meet the Florida state criteria for private school requirements in accordance with Section 1002.421(1)(h), Florida Statutes.

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in any subject
  • Three or more years of K-12th grade teaching experience
  • Special skills, knowledge, or expertise that qualifies them to provide instruction in K-12th grade subjects

Regarding professional development, CES Academy employees must meet a minimum of specific professional development that is designed by an academic specialist annually.



How do you integrate technology into the classroom and curriculum?

Technology plays an important role in a CES Academy educational journey. All of our schools are equipped with Apple products including iPads and MacBooks. Other technology used in the classroom can consist of interactive smartboards, large 65” TVs for academic instruction partnered with a range of tablets.

How do you measure individual achievement and progress?
Individual achievement and progress are tracked both formally and informally. Methods used include a personalized student goals contract, weekly progress monitoring, a range of daily formative assessments, quarterly progress reports, quarterly report cards and individualized assessments 3 times a year.
How does CES ensure integrity, character & ethics remain a priority and are monitored throughout its schools?

CES Academy maintains the highest standard of ethics in educating your child. We adopt the FL Ethics in Education policy, which is state law. We perform thorough background checks on all employees. The private school industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the state of Florida. We abide by the FLDOE requirements to participate in the FL School Choice Scholarship Programs.

Code of Ethics & Principles of Professional Conduct for the Education Profession in FloridaLearn More

Requirement of Private Schools to OperateLearn More

DOE Reporting Misconduct & Abuse:

Manda Abuse Reporting Spanish – Learn More

Manda Abuse Reporting English – Learn More

The Educator Misconduct Report – Learn More


Are you a public school or charter school?

No. But we accept all School Choice scholarships which are state funded and therefore we are accountable to the DOE in similar ways as a public school. We must meet all mandatory guidelines as a public school (school days, hours, credits, hiring practices), however are free to teach content in our own way which separates us from the traditional public school model and allows us to better serve students according to our philosophy (ensure every student succeeds based on their individual needs) .

Are all CES schools accredited?

Yes, CES is actually a fully accredited educational organization – as a result, every CES Academy owned and operated by CES is fully accredited. CES Academy  accreditation is with Cognia (formerly called AdvancED, formerly referred to as SACS).

Why is accreditation important for a school?
Accreditation ensures accountability to objective, third-party standards; guidance for implementation of improvement initiatives; and access to the most current, effective academic programs and resources.
When was CES founded and who operates CES?

CES  was established as a nonprofit educational company in 2009. A governing board of directors oversees the strategic plan of the company and appoints the executive team responsible for day to day operations.

What is the tuition for CES Academy?

The tuition amount varies according to the program in which the student is enrolled:

Traditional Program – $10,500

Foundations Program – $12,500

Achieve Program – $16,500


Children’s Educational Services is a fully accredited educational organization through Cognia. Every CES Academy is fully accredited.