The Academic Problem

  • The traditional "one size fits all" model does not work for every student.
  • You shouldn't have the anxiety of falling behind in class or in grade levels.
  • You shouldn't feel like something is wrong with you.

The CES Solution

  • We understand that everyone has a different way of learning.
  • Our fully accredited K-12 schools employ highly qualified, state-approved teachers; utilize assessment tools; and implement effective curriculum to ensure every student succeeds.
ces solution

The CES Plan for Success

  • Enroll in the right program for your needs.
  • Set expectations and academic goals for the year.
  • Assess progress throughout the year.
  • Create a support system with parents and teachers and provide constant communication and feedback.
  • Stay on track for graduation.

Our Agreement to You

  • You will become a better reader and will love reading.
  • You will learn to excel in the gifts God has given you.
  • You will receive personal attention from your teacher.
  • We won't overwhelm you with homework. We'll work with you during normal school hours.
  • You will graduate upon completion of K-12 - we offer traditional diploma tracks and certificate tracks.

Get Started Today

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You don’t have to be frustrated or feel like a failure in school. Don’t waste any more time in a school setting that doesn’t work. Enjoy going to school again. Find an excitement for learning at CES schools.