5 Effective Homeschooling Tips For Parents

School closures around the world has compelled parents and teachers to homeschool their children in these difficult times.

School closures around the world has compelled parents and teachers to homeschool their children in these difficult times.

With the global pandemic taking over the world, families are struggling to figure out how to navigate through this situation. This unprecedented situation has also left most parents confused and worried about the safety and education of their children. As schools close down across the world, the concern for education of their children grows. 

This is why parents are encouraged to engage their kids at home and continue their education through homeschooling. But homeschooling kids is not easy as it sounds. From gathering teaching materials, to setting a daily schedule, homeschooling can be overwhelming, especially for first-timers. Therefore, for parents scrambling with homeschooling ideas, here are 5 effective homeschooling tips that can help you keep your children engaged during lockdown.

1. Create a daily schedule

Children are used to having a set schedule or routine in school and therefore, creating a similar structure or schedule for them at home makes the most sense. You can even include a time for lunch breaks, activity time, and TV breaks to help them manage their time well. This will also help you plan any work meetings to match their schedule, which is good for both you and your kids.

2. Set up a learning environment

Every child learns differently and in an environment that best suits their creativity. Therefore, even at home, you should create a designated space for them to learn and play. Kids may move around during the day but having a dedicated space helps them concentrate and perform better, similar to a classroom setting.

3. Use online resources

During this time, online resources have emerged as a saviour to all parents currently homeschooling their children. There are many great sites and platforms you can find online that provide free educational content to help your kids polish their skills. Here’s a list of free online resources:


  • Prodigy: One of the most popular online math platforms for kids from grades 1-8. It also has a free parent program where you can monitor your child’s progress and get reports. Check it out here- Prodigy: Math Learning Platform


  • PBS Kids: It has a lot of kid friendly games that are entertaining and engaging. Check it out here- https://pbskids.org/games/
  • Youtube Kids: Free videos that are kid friendly and engaging. Check it out here- YouTube Kids


  • Mystery Science: It’s a free site for children from KG to 5 for remote learning. Check it out here- Mystery Science
  • Khan Academy: It has online tools for science, history, math, computing and more. Check it out here- https://www.khanacademy.org/


4. Make it fun with activities

You can always help your kids learn new things in a fun way, especially when they have so much time on their hands. Home activities will not only help them learn but also bond with you throughout the day. You can have fun playing indoor games, divide household chores or cook food with them. Spending quality time with your kids should also be part of their daily routine so make sure you take some time out to connect with them.

5. Passion projects

This is the best time for kids to pursue passion projects if they haven’t had the chance to do it earlier. So whether it is learning a new instrument, cooking, painting or crafting, now is the time. And if they’re really interested, you don’t even have to run behind them all day.

Initially, children may find it challenging to adjust to a homeschooling routine because they are used to a classroom environment which helps them focus on lessons and engage with other students. Therefore, it is important for parents to understand their needs and support them while they adapt to these changes. 

As the world battles a pandemic, it is necessary that students continue their education through homeschooling so that their learning never stops. So, even if the first few days of homeschooling is difficult for both parents and kids, make sure you stick to this routine to help your kids become more productive and engaged during this time.

SOURCE: Prodigygame

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