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Is homework time a little distracting? Try one of these strategies! Let us know what works best for your family or any other helpful tips!
help-kids-focus3.jpg Is homework time a little distracting? Try one of these strategies! Let us know what works best for your family or any other helpful tips!

1. Burn Off the Extra Energy

Start off with a physical activity before getting down to work. Burning off excess energy will help improve focus for more academic or mental tasks.      Simple Ways to Burn Off the Energy
  • Neighborhood walk
  • Fun workout video
  • Dance along videos
  • Backyard relay races
  • Running in place
  • Indoor balloon games (keep it up in the air, volleyball)
  • Activity dice
  • Glide on hard floors with socks
  • Play catch with a ping pong ball
  • Pull the mattress on the floor and let them jump
  • Ride around the block on bikes or scooters
  • Use painter’s tape on the floor to make obstacle courses
  • Play pool noodle hockey/baseball with a balloon

2. Take a Brain Break

After a hard assignment, take a minute to reset the brain and get the wiggles out. Do a little dancing, jog in place, pretend to climb a mountain… there’s tons of ideas out there! Brain breaks also help with transitioning from one subject/task to another.

3. Play Video Game Soundtracks / Instrumental Music

Music is part of the reason why your little gamer could play for hours and hours. Video game soundtracks are specially designed to help gamers focus on tasks. Find an instrumental playlist your child likes and have it on in the background as they work on school assignments. Bonus Tip: Instrumental versions of pop songs are a big hit with older kids.  

4. Use a Visual Timer

This website has over 30 visual timers to help kids stay focused and excited to beat the clock! You can also find a video timer with fun themes on YouTube like this 5-minute Star Wars timer or this 2-minute radial timer. Visual timers are also great for young kids who don’t understand the concept of telling time yet.

5. Change Up the Seating

Sometimes, a regular old chair and desk just doesn’t work. Changing up the position of learning (aka flexible seating) can sometimes help kids focus better.      Flexible Seating Ideas at Home:
  • Yoga ball
  • Bean bag chairs
  • Stools
  • Laying on their tummy
  • Standing while working
  • Cushions or mats
  • Low coffee table
  • Floor pillows
  • Lawn chair
  • Walking with clipboard
  • Designate their own Thinking Chair!

6. Establish a Secret Signal

Come up with a secret signal beforehand that gives your child a little reminder to stay focused.  It’s a great way to get the message across without embarrassment or constantly repeating “focus on your work!” This strategy works especially well when you’re working with multiple kids.
Source: Kids Guide Magazine

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