With school starting back all across America, I’m reminded of the intrepidness I encountered with my first day back! Orientation, new teachers and students and the acclimation of another new year in which I would have to start all over again. Getting past the first day was always a relief. Getting back into the routine of up early in the morning after a summer of sleeping in and doing what I want met with the cold realization that my time was no longer mine and scurrying to catch the bus, being left behind and subsequently late for school was always a fear of mine! However, with the days and weeks to follow, I became more acclimated to my new routine, new teachers and new classmates and began to really look forward to going back to school!

You see, it was fun to have 3 months off to sleep in every morning, play with my friends, and go on vacation and summer camp. Not having home work every day, studying for tests and getting up at 7:00 am every morning was not my idea of fun! But I also suffered from boredom during the summer as there’s only so much TV you can watch when you’re not with your friends and classmates. So once I got past the first day, I enjoyed being assigned a new locker, new Homeroom and the school spirit that permeated the hallways.

There is always an adjustment period that every parent and child goes through, and school is only a microcosm of life. They say that the only constant in life IS change! School prepares us for life and teaches us how to conform to the laws of life after school. It teaches us to respect our Elders, wear appropriate clothing or uniforms, be on time, and most importantly be accountable. School, unlike life, holds our hands, encourages us, believes in us and rewards us with good attendance, good grades and good citizenship! Life, on the other hand, does not unless you learn from the lessons you’re taught in school. Teachers help us with our school work, prepare us for tests and encourage us that we can always do better. School prepares us to go on to higher education or the vocation (job) of our choosing. It prepares us to be respectful to our future employer and develops the discipline necessary to be gainfully employed. Disrespect your teachers or Principal, you’ll repeat the same mistake with your employer, and in general people with whom you come in contact.

The greatest lessons learned in school are the greatest lessons learned for a successful life after school. Our role for your child is to prepare them for the life they’ll lead after school. We partner with parents as advocates on your behalf to prepare your child for a happy, successful, rewarding life independent from you, the parent! In reality, the parent is responsible for educating your child not the school. The school is the vehicle you chose to do so on your behalf. Help us help you educate your child by supporting your child’s teacher, Principal and administration and by having them prepared for another school year. Be proactive in your child’s school by attending Open House, meet their teachers and volunteer anywhere you can. In doing so, we both succeed and can be proud of the accomplishments they’ve yet to achieve in this…. a new school year!


Larry Broach, Founder & CEO