ADHD: Most Kids Qualify For An IEP, But Schools Only Give A 504. Here’s Why…

There is a significant difference between an IEP and a 504 Plan. In the State of Florida, most 504 Plans only have accommodations on them. These are things like extra time for homework, extra time for tests, preferential seating. There are hundreds of types of accommodations and for some students, that’s all they need.

However, it is our experience that most students with a 504 Plan actually need an IEP.

The primary difference between the two plans is that an IEP has a “service” component attached to it: A special education teacher, therapist or counselor intervenes to teach a child a skill.

Most kids with ADHD need to improve their reading, math or writing skills. They may need to be taught study strategies or strategies of how to stay on task in the classroom.

A severe lack of organizational skills is characteristic of most kids with ADHD and they need someone to teach them how to organize their projects and homework. They need to be taught how to use their planner and how to organize their time.

A 504 Plan is much easier – and cheaper – for a school to implement. An IEP requires more time, effort and expense on the part of the school district.

If your child has ADHD/ADD, chances are they qualify for an IEP.

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