Benefits of smaller class sizes

1. Each Student Gets Noticed

In smaller classes, it’s harder for students to hide and get left behind. Fewer students mean more personalized attention from teachers, encouraging active participation and expression of opinions.

2. Better Results

Research shows that high school students in smaller classes achieve higher grades and perform better on university entrance exams.

3. Enhanced Learning

Students in small classes not only learn more but also learn faster, allowing the class to progress through material more quickly. This environment builds student confidence, encouraging them to share opinions and engage in discussions, benefiting everyone.

4. Effective Teaching

Teachers in smaller classes can observe and assess students more effectively. This spontaneous interaction enhances learning as teachers and students can engage more dynamically.

5. Class Community

Fewer students per class foster closer connections, building confidence and comfort in sharing ideas. These bonds often lead to lasting friendships and teach students to respect and connect with peers from diverse backgrounds, a crucial skill in the globalized 21st century.

6. More Participation

Small groups mean more opportunities for students to speak up and apply their knowledge during discussions.

7. Focused Learning

With fewer students, teachers can spend more time teaching and less time managing distractions. They can cater to different learning styles, ensuring all students stay engaged and understand the material.

8. Personalized Feedback

Teachers have more time to provide individualized feedback, helping each student grasp the material and reach their potential.

9. One-on-One Interaction

At EF Academy, students often work one-on-one with teachers, allowing for customized instruction and guidance, giving students the benefit of their mentors’ undivided attention.

10. Idea Sharing

Smaller classes allow more time for students to share their ideas, express opinions, and explore perspectives. Even shy students get the chance to embrace and share their thoughts, enriching their international education experience.

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