CES testimonial


I am writing you because I want you to know that my boy, Roman, who is only in 11th grade, passed the admissions testing (PERK) at Pasco-Hernando State College. He will be registering on December 2nd and begins his first semester on January 9th. This means that he will be the youngest person gaining entry in years according to them, being only a baby 16 year old, and will graduate with an AA in science and technology at the same time that he graduates high school in 2018.

 His scores were really phenomenal but for a near miss in Math. We are talking about an early 11th grader who was able to pass college level entry. That is no small feat, and I want to extend a big thanks to The Broach School for the tremendous academic progress my son has made.

 I also want to thank the teachers who continue to strive to keep the academic level up to standard which is not easy to do when dealing with children who may need accommodation but is so critical.

 Although Roman came to The Broach school with ADHD, he has learned over the last 4 years to pay attention to himself and jump the hurdles necessary to learn at the top of his class. Thanks for the exceptional director and teachers and their patience and integrity…..who always see the abilities in both my boys, and push them to meet those potentials.

 Roman’s scores are: 113 out of required 105 in comp 1 and reading; 131 out of required 110 in English and spelling; identical in comprehension…and finally 91 out of 110 in Math, a near miss. BUT his Math teacher has agreed, at Romans panicked request, to stay after school 3 days in a row for the next two weeks to help Roman with the advanced algebra questions ( which technically, are not taught until the 12th grade). So he will retake the math portion in 2 weeks. Thanks Ms. Gonzales. 

 Woop wooop go Roman!!!!!  Go Broach!!! 

 Thanks everyone for everything. My son Bobby is next in line…..in 9th and is at LEAST 11th grade level reading and English. He has aspergers and will probably be the next record breaker :). Stay tuned…..we are very proud.

 Love you guys,