Dedicated To Make All Students Better Readers

It’s been a great start to the school year so far and hard to believe 2 months have passed by already. Before you know it, Christmas will be here, and then everybody will be getting excited about Spring Break.

I’m pleased to say that two months into the year, we have begun our mission to make all students better readers.

With much time spent researching and diving into the various curriculum options available, partnered with passionate staff, as a company, we feel we have made major strides forward in becoming a group of private schools with a superior academic program for all children, particularly when it comes to reading.

It’s no secret that regardless of which career path students decide to take, reading is a vital life skill. It’s through reading that we can further develop our minds, discover new things and even add to our self-image; it’s fair to say that reading is a building block in today’s society.

Recognizing the importance of reading, we have introduced state of the art programs into each of our classrooms at all locations. At Childrens Educational Services Inc., long gone are the days of simple data (also known as above, below or on grade level). With the introduction of such resources, we can pinpoint student strengths and weaknesses and can uniquely develop all areas of need for every child.

From starting at the basics of language right up to competent comprehension skills, we can develop your child.

Not only do we make this bold statement, but we are continually open with our parents throughout the year, and present to them the data that we accumulate. Utilizing this data, we issue progress reports and work as a team to set learning goals/ targets for all of our students. We feel setting goals is a major win for our families, as it encourages the student to take responsibility for their own learning, and helps them strive toward their goals on a daily basis.

In addition to the above, reading is a major part of our broad and balanced curriculum, with each individual subject integrating reading skills into each lesson.

With this type of day to day reading development, we can ensure your child will be a better reader at all of our locations.


Andy Uprichard

Vice President and Chief Educational Officer.

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