Fun and Easy Activities for Exploring Early Math at Home


As families spend more time inside, we offer free, research-based activities and tips to help parents and caregivers support their young children’s early math learning. During school closures and beyond, these fun and easy ideas engage families and inspire children’s exploration of important early math concepts.

Fun Math Activities Using Everyday Things

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Card games are an inexpensive way to enjoy family fun while also building math skills—all you need is a deck of playing cards!
Research shows that both seeing and hearing information can make number concepts easier to grasp.
These activities can be done with whatever paper is available—scrap paper, newspapers, or magazine pages would work.
Four recipes that children can help make along with tips for talking about math while cooking together.
This PDF download guides parents to teach children how to count using common household items, such as beans, sticks, and paper. Also available in Spanish.

Easy Tips for Sparking Math Conversations

No matter your own experiences with math, we have suggestions to help you talk about math with children and foster positive attitudes toward math.
Picture books offer many opportunities to find and talk about math concepts.
By looking for everyday ways to talk about units and measurement, you can help support children’s developing mathematical understanding.
Strategies for recognizing the spatial talk that many families already engage in, and ideas for how to do even more of it.
Conversations about numbers are a type of parent talk that is critical for children’s math learning. 

Source: D R E M E