Here’s How to Help Your Kids Become Better Readers in 2022


Reading books is vital for a child’s brain development and overall growth. It enables young children to grasp new things quickly while developing focus, communication and social skills among them. However, with the tirade of electronic gadgets at their access, most children struggle to concentrate while reading books. Their attention span has shrunk and books appear boring compared to smart gadgets. But the upcoming year could be the right time to help your kids realise the potential of reading books. Here we look at the ways you could use to help your kids turn into better readers.

Show them how you love books

Kids have adapted to using smartphones, other gadgets because they see their parents hooked to them all the time. So, to bring them on the course of reading, parents need to lead by example and make reading a lucrative hobby for them. We are not saying you have to sit down reading all the time but you just need to be interested in reading new things. This will generate a sense of curiosity for reading in your kids.

Talk about your favourite books

Share your favourite books, writers, stories with your kid. This will help to evoke interest in reading in your child, and develop a rich literary culture within the family.

Give books a space in your family

Books add a great aesthetic vibe to the house but we aren’t suggesting filling your house with books just because they look good. Watching these books around, your kid will surely be curious and might pick one to start reading



Visit libraries with your kids

A family outing at the library may not sound great but surely is. Visiting libraries will make you feel empowered about having the choice to choose their books from the varied options there.

Make reading a part of routine

Find some time for reading and writing activities with your kid. This will keep them in practice and will also allow you two to bond better.

It’s always better to develop reading habits when the kids are young. Reading as a hobby can’t be cultivated in a day, so you just need to follow the routine regularly because if you stop, your kid might lose interest, too.

Source: MSN