New Resources

Introducing the ALL NEW Educational Resources through Crossroads:


It’s with great pleasure that I am able to announce the introduction of brand new, high-level, educational resources across all Crossroads Schools.


The introduction of these resources allows our highly qualified and experienced teachers, the opportunity to continually improve their teaching strategies, update their teaching methods and more readily track student progress at all locations.


The resources themselves incorporate an interactive blend of digital and physical materials, helping students of all kinds relate and easily use the product.


With action packed, cinematic-styled introductions to all units, our student’s motivation towards learning has drastically improved. It’s been an incredible season observing our student’s fully engaged in their lessons, their minds focused on the task at hand and loving the curriculum. As Vice President of Academics, watching students become excited about reading and passionate about their Language Arts has brought great satisfaction to my heart.


Too often I feel curriculum resources are mundane and unattractive for the student, who let’s not forget, are a generation soaked in the use of multimedia. Too often schools are stuck in their ways of using old, 2-dimensional resources to try and force inspiration upon their students.


At Crossroads, we’ve identified this and have acted accordingly. We have a passion to see all of our students, not only achieve success, but to love the road that leads to success. To enjoy each step they take, to be excited about the day ahead and have a sense of accomplishment and achievement as they leave.


What a great start to the year with the addition of these brand new resources but we firmly believe, the best days are yet to come. We invite you and your children to be a part of that. Let us bring out the best in your child and watch them enjoy their many years of education.


Andy Uprichard

Vice President of Academics

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