[Teacher Testimonial] – I Actually WANT to Go to Work

My name is Ray Villegas, known to the students as Mr. Ray or Mr. V.

I am the new English and History teacher and have been at The Broach School for 3 months. Everything has been impressive at Broach starting with my interview, meeting the talented teaching staff and how they have gone out of their way to help me learn how to teach at Broach, and getting to know the amazing students and their parents.

The parents are awesome and go out of their way to meet with me and assist me in their child’s learning. I have never had this type of working support system, all around, before.




I like that field trips are encouraged since learning doesn’t just happen in a physical room, but also in the world that surrounds them. Students are rewarded by celebrating feasts and special days with family members, which I feel should be implemented in every school.

Although I am a teacher myself, I can see the hard work and talent my colleagues put into teaching their students. It drives me to be like them, ensuring my students get the best possible education.

The Broach School has smaller classroom numbers, which I like, because I am able to offer the individual attention my students need that is lacking at a traditional public school. I highly recommend sending your child to The Broach School, where we (the teachers) will go out of our way to help your child / teenager learn.

The excellent guidance from my superiors, talented staff, amazing students, and wonderful support system, makes it easier to wake up in the morning and “want” to go to work rather than having to go to work.


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