CES prepares students “for life after High School by inspiring achievement, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment in an academic environment dedicated to nurturing mind, body, soul and spirit.” It is within this mindset that our students are learning in a stimulating academic environment with a curriculum that is not only engaging but at a level of comprehension they understand and empowers, and supports positive participation in their local school and the community at large. Technology allows our students to have worldwide access to instant information, thus allowing them to be continually informed of today’s world.


In the 21st century, it is a school’s responsibility to prepare students for the present and future. Therefore, understanding and using technology are integral to virtually every aspect of daily life. The School is an environment where all students and staff have ready access to a full range of current technology, software tools, and applications. Our network infrastructure allows students to communicate between school and home and to interact on the World Wide Web. Every classroom is equipped with the necessary technologies to support teaching and learning.


CES encourages our students to be inquisitive, open-minded learners and not passive learners. We desire our students to take positive action and become involved in and beyond their school community. CES’s commitment to technology supports students as they learn to:



The use of technology by teachers and students broadens and enhances the quality of the academic experience. Our Schools have faculty versed in a variety of educational technologies for daily classroom instruction. The use of technology is to work collaboratively and in harmony with textbooks in developing an engaging, challenging curriculum within the confines of the students’ knowledge base and is supported by programs of professional development in the integration of technology as an enhancement in the learning process. Technology does not replace the teacher; it supports and enhances the educational and professional process. In a technology rich, student-centered classroom, the teacher serves as a knowledgeable facilitator of instruction, a mentor, and an academic coach. Our teachers utilize technology to:


We believe that learning is not limited to the classroom. With technology, students have ready access to curriculum and resources, ”anytime, anywhere.” CES is moving in the direction of technology for our Stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, and parents) for communication and information to enhance and expand a stronger sense of community. Through the communication technology resources at our schools, community members have access to a wealth of information, materials, services, and social networks, both locally and globally.


Administrative functions are primarily supported and facilitated by corporate, thereby allowing more energy and resources to be focused on education.


CES envisions technology that is constantly available and effectively supported for our schools which:


“Technology is at the core of virtually every aspect of our daily lives and work, and we must leverage it to provide engaging and powerful learning experiences and content, as well as resources and assessments that measure student achievement in more complete, authentic, and meaningful ways.” (National Education Technology Plan, 2010)



Larry Broach