What CES Academic Program is right for you?

Before I go into our programs… I want to mention why smaller class size is beneficial to your child’s learning.

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I want to mention why smaller class size is beneficial to your child’s learning.

Academic Performance

Generally, studies show that students in smaller class sizes perform better in school compared to those enrolled in larger classes. Students in smaller classes tend to be ahead in theory and content knowledge and score higher in most assessments.

Personalized Attention

Findings show that student engagement positively affects the student’s ability to learn intellectually and adapt to educational challenges.

Long-Term Career Success

The benefits of smaller programs extend beyond scores and engagement. These variables, if combined positively, could contribute to a more successful career.



  • To ascertain whether the school is an effective solution for the student, confirming the needs of the student will be properly met.
  • To ensure every new student is accepted for admission in the correct program based on needs and abilities.
  • To safeguard the acceptable student-teacher ratio in each classroom.

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