Easy, quick answer: THE STUDENTS!! The day-to-day interactions, the chance to teach them something I’m passionate about (history, social studies), the opportunity to be a positive male role model in their lives is something that makes coming to work easy.
I love the actual “teaching” aspect of this job; when I’m explaining something to a student and I’m able to notice the proverbial light bulb goes off, that is awesome!
However, the best part about teaching for me is seeing the actual growth of the students on a yearly basis. One key component of this is consistency and longevity. I am in my sixth year at the Broach School and at the start of each school year, I eagerly await the return of the students to see their respective growth. While I want to see improvement and comprehension of academic materials, the most important part of student development to me is growth as a whole: maturity, intellectually, mentally, et al. And seeing that growth in students is why I love teaching.
Mr. Dunn
The Broach School – Zephyrhills

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