5 Expert-Approved Summer Reading Tips for Kids

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Just because school’s out, it doesn’t mean books should be returned to their shelves. Reading routines are an essential part of your child’s development, and summer is the perfect time to make reading a regular part of the day.

3 Ways to Engage Students in Your Special Education Classroom

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Now that the school year is well underway, whether you are a new teacher or a 30+ year veteran teacher, you are certainly learning a lot about your students and what is or is not working for you, your students, or your classroom. You may even be noticing that some students are not as engaged in learning as you would like them to be, or are struggling to keep up with new concepts.

Reading Tips for Parents

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Strong parental involvement is a key component of the Just Read, Florida! initiative. Other than helping your child to grow up happy and healthy, the most important thing that you can do for them is help them develop their reading skills.

How to turn your kids into little bookworms

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With the prevalence of screens and after-school activities and homework, it can be hard to get kids to find time to read, much less enjoy it. But there are so many benefits to reading that it is important to find ways to encourage your kids to read — and even love it. Through reading, kids can develop the ability to think for themselves as books force us to fill in the gaps that screens often fill in for us.

The Different Ways Your Child Learns

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Almost two decades after Howard Gardner identified multiple intelligences in his ground-breaking book Frames of Mind (1983), educators around the world are using the theory of multiple intelligences in their classrooms. In some ways, parents and teachers have always intuitively known that children learn in different ways and that an activity that grabs one child may not be of interest to another youngster. But many of our traditional ideas about teaching imply that there is a certain way to learn particular skills. As parents, we’ve all had times when we’ve become frustrated by our children’s apparent inability to accomplish a task the way we were taught to do it. When we have a better understanding of their individual intelligences and learning styles, we can provide experiences that speak to how our children learn best.

7 tips for helping your kids turn into better readers this upcoming year

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We all are well aware of the fact that reading books have several benefits. In the case of kids, reading can help them to get to know sounds, words, and language, along with developing literacy skills. Reading also helps develop your child’s brain, ability to focus, concentration, social skills, and communication skills. Thus, to summarize, kids need to read books. However, at a time when they are surrounded by gadgets 24×7, reading is becoming increasingly difficult for many kids. But there is no need to worry. Here are 7 tips for helping your kids turn into better readers this upcoming year.